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Fat Money Raps About Sex With A Family Member & Fans Quickly Drop Memes


The Chicago spitter received praise over a viral video but soon, fans quickly questioned him about a few bars.

It’s not uncommon for rappers to cause a viral craze over a few bars, but Fat Money is feeling the heat over his rhymes about a family member. Hip Hop is used to being a place where lyrics are examined and dissected as fans attempt to piece together who-may-be-talking-about-what, but Fat Money’s bars seemed to be as clear as day—and they prompted the internet to react in a flurry. 

Someone shared a video on Twitter that showed Fat Money spitting rhymes and at one point, he said, “She thick enough I might f*ck on my half-kin.”

We can’t let nobody know, especially my grandma she might have a heart attack / Sh*t was drama I blocked ’til I bought it back,” he continued. The lines were just a brief mention within the song’s entirety, but it didn’t go unnoticed. People complimented Fat Money on his obvious skills, but soon, commenters came in with questions about the bars and didn’t hold back with memes. He was accused of using a shock factor, however, there were a few who didn’t see anything wrong with what the rapper said and suggested there are people who regularly have sexual experiences with their kin.

The Donda 2 songwriter has been the talk of Hip Hop throughout the day and responded to the attention on his Instagram Story. Check out his rap, reactions, and his response below.

Fat Money
Fat Money


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