That Livestream chit-chat with Fat Joe has wreaked havoc for Fetty Wap. Clips of the conversation have made the rounds and initially, Fetty’s mention of why he stepped back from his music career was the first comment to ruffle feathers. Soon, his label bosses would come forward to offer takes on what went wrong, and just as that was settling, the mother of the rapper’s late daughter also surfaced. 

Months ago, the tragic news of Fetty’s Wap’s daughter Lauren that he shared with Turquoise Miami reportedly passing away from ongoing issues with cardiac arrhythmia surfaced. Fetty did speak out about the loss of his daughter at the time, and he brought up the young girl’s passing while speaking with Fat Joe.

Fetty Wap
Ollie Millington / Contributor / Getty Images

“I lost my daughter… I got that phone call at 12:36 p.m.,” said Fetty. “I’ll never forget this day in my life.” He detailed what he was doing when he learned of Lauren’s death and mentioned slipping into a “dark place.” It was a point of conversation that Turquoise did not appreciate, so she hopped on Instagram Live to air out her grievances.

According to her, there was no need for Fetty to mention their child and she said she has made it clear that she prefers if their daughter isn’t spoken about. “Do better for your kids,” she said. “I’m never gonna stop nobody from grieving, but I feel like you’re doing too much for what it actually was. You’re grieving what could have been. You’re grieving that you should have been there.”

“You’re grieving for the time that you didn’t take advantage of. You’re not actually grieving because you miss this little girl because you have a connection with her,” she continued. “You didn’t call her every day, you didn’t call her every week, you didn’t call her every month. This n*gga probably called her about one to two times a f*cking year. You’re not grieving for what you actually lost because when you had the ability to have it, you were not interested.”

Swipe below to hear Fetty Wap and Turquoise Miami speak about their daughter below.