Fetty Wap Reminisces About A Time Before The Fame On “Mona Lisa”


When Fetty Wap exploded onto the scene back in 2015, a lot of his music sounded the same. (Which wasn’t a bad thing.)

Despite the commercial success of “Trap Queen,” “679,” “Again” and a handful of other records off his self-titled, Fetty Wap, every track seemingly paid homage to, or shared common threads with each of the New Jersey rapper’s most successful songs. 

Six years later, and it’s a whole different story. 

Returning to the mainstream with his new album, Butterfly Effect, Fetty Wap is back with a whole new sound, and on an album without a single feature, the 30-year-old hitmaker tasked himself with carrying an entire project on his back. 

On “Mona Lisa,” Fetty reminisces on a time before the fame, when he didn’t have the “house or the pool,” but he did have his loving partner by his side. Rapping over a subdued instrumental, Fetty spits in a tone closer to his speaking voice than the sound that landed him four top-ten Billboard Hot 100 hits. 

Butterfly Effect tells the story of Fetty’s maturation from a mid-20s rap star into the man he has become today, and in showing appreciation for the woman who held him down when he didn’t have the fame and fortune, “Mona Lisa” might the best example of that transformation. 

Quotable Lyrics
When I die, they gon’ bury me under the city
Just make sure, when I go, that you’re f*ckin’ with me
My baby is a shooter got a hand on the blicky
She know I’m a legend ain’t no n***a f*ckin with me

Check out Fetty Wap’s “Mona Lisa” below and let us know what you think in the comments. 



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