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Fetty Wap Responds To Baby Mother’s Claims That He Neglected His Daughter


Fetty Wap’s late daughter has been a hot button issue lately.

Fans of Fetty Wap likely know by now that a huge turning point in his life this year was the death of his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell. While in the healing process, he released his supposed comeback album The Butterfly Effect in late October.

Fetty Wap asserted that the butterfly themes of the album were a tribute to Lauren, because of her fondness for butterflies. But, his baby mother Turquoise Miami decided to clear that air and explain how this was untrue, and that he was using his late daughter’s name for marketing purposes: “She likes butterflies just like she likes all animals but she was always a mermaid princess like the little mermaid and that was her thing! She had the mermaid doll, the matching clothes, she made me buy her best friend a mermaid doll too and we had to watch The Little Mermaid every day and sing along to the soundtrack every morning. I’m not throwing no f**king butterflies knowing it was a marketing scheme for a N***a to use.”

This comes shortly after Turquoise had gone on a rant explaining that Fetty only took time to see his daughter once or twice a year, and that he kept using media opportunities to gain sympathy for his daughter’s death, even though he never really cared for her: “You’re grieving for the time that you didn’t take advantage of. You’re not actually grieving because you miss this little girl because you have a connection with her. You didn’t call her every day, you didn’t call her every week, you didn’t call her every month. This n***a probably called her about one to two times a f*cking year. You’re not grieving for what you actually lost because when you had the ability to have it, you were not interested.”

Fetty Wap seemingly responded to these allegations with an Instagram post last night (Nov. 29), dismissing any internet drama: “I’m Fighting real life shit … I don’t respect the internet shit .. Much love for the ones who bring peace in my life at this point.”

Check out the entire back-and-forth below.


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