Five NBA Teams Bronny & LeBron James Could Join Forces On


Bronny James Jr. is going into his last season of high school basketball this Fall. From there, he will be recruited to an NCAA team in 2023 and after just one season, he is expected to go pro. Some scouts have said that Bronny is a lock to be drafted in the second round, however, he has plenty of room to grow and improve his draft stock. While some might say it is premature to even talk about Bronny’s NBA hopes, there is no doubt that his father LeBron is going to make sure he gets there.

LeBron has already confirmed that his next big dream is to play alongside his son. No matter where Bronny goes in the 2024 draft, LeBron will follow suit. This means if the Orlando Magic takes Bronny, LeBron will become a member of the Magic. At this rate, it is impossible to tell where Bronny will end up. There are a ton of factors that determine this, however, there is no denying that some teams would be a lot more fun than others. 

The marketing potential of a LeBron-Bronny duo is simply endless, and numerous teams are chomping at the bit to have both of these men on their respective teams. With that being said, we’ve conducted a list of five teams that would be perfect for LeBron and Bronny to showcase their talents on.

Charlotte Hornets

LaMelo Ball

Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

This may be a weird team to start with but hear us out. The Hornets are owned by Michael Jordan and he has been itching for a player with the star power of a LeBron James. Of course, the team currently has LaMelo Ball who is on the edge of superstardom. However, if he were able to get a teammate like LeBron, he would elevate the team even more. A team in which LeBron drives the ball, while LaMelo runs the offense would be intriguing, to say the least. Ball could benefit greatly from this setup, and having Bronny in the mix would be an added sweetener especially since the young James is a notoriously strong defender. Sure, Charlotte isn’t the sexiest location for these two, but from a basketball perspective, it would be a good situation that would help turn Jordan’s Hornets into a must-watch basketball team.

Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

When LeBron was looking to leave the Cavaliers in 2018, one of the teams that was on his wishlist was the Philadelphia 76ers. They are a historic franchise located in a city that has very passionate fans. Not to mention, the team has a fairly bright future. By 2024, James Harden may or may not be there. However, we know for sure that Joel Embiid will be. A team with LeBron and Embiid would be extremely tough to beat in the Eastern Conference, and Bronny would add depth to a roster that already features some amazing up-and-coming young players. Compared to some of the other teams in the NBA, it is clear that the Sixers are a superior fit from both a location and basketball standpoint. If you’re a Sixers fan, the possibility of this happening should start circulating in your mind.

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Perhaps the most obvious fit on this list is the Los Angeles Lakers. In terms of pure convenience, no one can deny how good this would be for Bronny, LeBron, and the franchise as a whole. LeBron’s family is located in California and Bronny is currently playing basketball there. They are both familiar with the surroundings and becoming a father-son duo on the purple and gold would be a huge marketing story for both the franchise and the NBA. In addition to all of this, LeBron wouldn’t have to compromise his current Lakers contract which has him on the team through to 2025. The superstar could simply stay put and have his son by his side up until the day he retires. Even if Bronny didn’t get a single bit of playing time, it would still be the most ideal outcome for all parties. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

Jarrett Allen

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Aside from the Lakers, this is the other most obvious option. LeBron James is originally from Akron, Ohio and he got to play with the Cavaliers during two separate stints. Going back a third time would be kind of redundant, however, if he were to do so with his eldest son by his side, it would be an incredibly sentimental move. LeBron and Bronny would become immediate superstars in the city, and fans would welcome them back with open arms. In terms of basketball, the Cavs are a team on the up and up. They collapsed late in the regular season which eventually led to losses in the play-in round. With a veteran presence like LeBron on the roster, this team would definitely get a boost throughout the season and it would at least make them borderline contenders. Add Bronny to the mix and you get a team that everyone will be paying attention to.

New York Knicks

Jarrett Allen

Elsa/Getty Images

Last but not least, we have the New York Knicks. Quite simply, the Knicks are the Mecca of basketball. For years, they have been a laughing stock and fans always seem to think they are on the verge of getting the latest superstar. Regardless, the Knicks are a team that LeBron has considered in the past and it would be a huge city for LeBron and Bronny to play in. Knicks fans are already crazy enough as is but add these two to the mix and you have one of the biggest phenomenons in sports. Unfortunately, whenever the Knicks are an option, they always get passed up for better ones, so fans should temper their expectations for now.

Let us know which team is the best fit for LeBron and Bronny, in the comments down below.


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