Georgia rapper Foogiano is known for a few things: his hit remix with DaBaby for his song “Molly”, being signed to Gucci Mane’s label 1017 Records, and most recently being convicted for a parole violation, for which he is now serving a 5-year long prison sentence. Despite being locked up, Foogiano continues to make his love for his girlfriend Renni Rucci clear. The two have been very public about their devotion to one another, and have never been the type to hide it. 

Just yesterday, Foogiano had a few gifts to send Renni on her 30th birthday. Among them was a box of chocolate-covered strawberries and a ring, captured in a photo set Renni posted to Instagram a few hours ago. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“Best birthday ever!” Renni captioned the photos. “#DirtyThirty from a girlfriend to fiancee.” In the photos, she shows off the rest of her gifts and birthday wishes, donning her ring in selfies and videos. 

Foogiano and Renni started dating last year, meeting on Instagram before linking in person. Although they started interacting in the DMs, their first messages were strictly business. During our interview with Renni for Rise & Grind, she recalled DMing the rapper about getting on “Molly”, and how he started expressing interest shortly afterward. Soon, the two fell into a full-fledged relationship. “We went from talking in the DMs about a studio session to being on the phone every day,” she said. 

This isn’t the first time the couple has made headlines. Earlier this year, Foogiano got into it with Trey Songz after the singer reposted one of Renni’s photos. There’s clearly nothing to worry about now; with the two close to tying the knot, their love seems stronger than ever. 

Take a look at Renni’s announcement of their engagement below.