For that weekday snack that’s healthy and tasty


If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle but still enjoy snacks, it can be hard to find something that’s tasty and good for you. Nuts are an amazing source of healthy fats and our spicy mixed buts combo ramps up the flavour. Whether you have a game on this weekend or need a small snack during your day at work, buts help you keep your snack portions low and still get some energy for the rest of the day.

Spicy mixed nuts combo suggestions

You can go to your favourite store and pick up any combination of peanuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, macadamias, hazelnuts, whole almonds, cashews, etc. They are dusted with smoked paprika, mild curry powder, coriander and other aromatic flavours. After toasting for up to 10 minutes you can even add some dried fruits or seeds to your liking. This recipe can get your food prep creativity going for the whole week. Store in an airtight container.

If you’re looking for a daily snack that won’t pack on the kilos, nuts are always a great option. Try our spicy mixed nuts combo and spice up your day.

Looking for more tasty snacks to prepare for your family and friends? Just have a look at our recipe page, we have excellent suggestions for you to try.

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