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Former NFL Star Terrelle Pryor Arrested On Charges He Physically Assaulted GF


In 2019, the same woman, Shalaya Briston, was accused of stabbing the ex-Jets star. They were both arrested following that altercation.

The relationship between Terrelle Pryor and Shalaya Briston has once again found them facing legal troubles. For those who don’t remember, former New York Jets wide receiver Terrelle Pryor suffered stab wounds back in 2019, allegedly at the hands of his then-girlfriend, Shalaya Briston. The incident reportedly occurred following a night of drinking, and Briston was arrested. 

Both Pryor and Briston faced charges related to the altercation, but their legal teams were able to secure plea deals that helped the pair avoid jail time. That was not the last these two saw of one another.

Terrelle PRyor
Kevin C. Cox / Staff / Getty Images

According to reports, Pryor was once again arrested, this time in Pennsylvania. TMZ reported that police documents stated it was around 1:00 a.m. after a night of partying when things took a turn. Pryor decided to call it a night while Briston continued her evening out at another bar. When she returned to his home, she claims she decided to stay outside “out of fear of Pryor.”

The police report also allegedly states that there was a confrontation outside when Pryor approached Briston, “shoving her and then slapping her in the face with an open hand.” Briston reportedly attempted to flee the scene as Pryor tossed a chair at her, and once she made it to her vehicle, the former NFL star damaged Briston’s car by throwing pumpkins at it.

Police say Briston had “inflammation, redness and bruising under her left eye” … and Pryor was ultimately arrested.

Officers noted in the docs that Pryor denied hitting the woman … but did admit to throwing the pumpkins.

Pryor has reportedly been charged with “simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief.” His bail was set at $100K and he has since been released. Pryor denies the allegations against him.



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