Freddie Gibbs Challenges Dr. Umar Johnson To $5 Million Boxing Match –


Rapper Freddie Gibbs is the latest entertainer to offer to throw hands with another public figure. The Alfredo creator has challenged sociopolitical activist, Dr. Umar Johnson, to a boxing match for the prize of $5 million.

During an interview following his performance at the Austin City Limits Festival this past Saturday (Oct. 9), Gibbs disparaged the popular pundit, who recently challenged former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson, to a boxing match earlier this month.

“Dr. Umar soft as hell,” Gibbs told the interviewer backstage. “Dr. Umar gonna pick a fight with Mike Tyson because that’s a political move for the internet but you never said you wanna fight Freddie Kane. Mike Tyson ain’t gonna fight your fat a**, man. You fat as f**k, bro. You cannot f**k with Tyson.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper then threw down the gauntlet, guaranteeing that he’d score a swift victory over Johnson if the two were to ever step in the ring. “I got love for Dr. Umar but I will whoop your a**s in the first round and I will get high and drunk on every drug,” the Gary, Indiana native boasts. “I will f**k you up. I’d need about $5 million to fight you. I got sh*t to do.” Dr. Umar has yet to respond.

Gibbs’ tough talk stems from his latest sitdown on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, in which he commented that Dr. Umar would disapprove of him and Tyson’s relations with white women. Tyson, who claimed to have no knowledge of who Dr. Umar was, voiced his disagreement with Johnson’s train of thought, concluding, “If there’s any hate involved, he can’t be cool.”

After catching wind of Gibbs and Tyson’s comments, Umar issued his own response, promising to go toe-to-toe with Tyson with the only stipulation being that either Bernard Hopkins or Floyd Mayweather help train him to prepare for the bout.

“How much can we charge for the tickets?” Johnson asked. “Iron Mike and King Kong. I’m ready for this as long as Bernard Hopkins is training me. If I can’t get Bernard, I want Floyd [Mayweather].”


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