A verdict was finally handed down in R. Kelly’s racketeering trial in New York. The embattled singer was found guilty on all counts including a racketeering charge, and eight violations under the Mann Act. While the singer’s attorney pushed back against the jury’s findings, his attorney said that the government “cherry-picked” evidence and that there were plenty of inconsistencies throughout the witness testimonies.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

Kelly’s looking at some serious time behind bars after he was convicted but there are several more cases against him in other states. However, it’s being reported that Kellz might be heading to prison for the remainder of his life. His recent conviction could mean that he gets a sentence as low as 10 years or the max. life sentence.

The reactions were plentiful. As we’ve seen, some of Kelly’s supporters are still fighting to prove that he’s innocent. However, Freddie Gibbs had an interesting reaction to Kelly’s case. The rapper took to Twitter where he stated that the late Elvis Presley should’ve received the same punishment as Kellz. “R. Kelly facing life. Elvis shoulda went to jail too. I’m just saying,” he tweeted. Freddie Gibbs is referring to claims that Elvis Presley preyed on underage girls and had incredibly abusive tendencies towards women. 

This isn’t really a new take. K. Michelle, a pupil of Kelly’s, previously explained how Elvis used to also pick up underage girls and married a teenager yet never faced the wrath of cancel culture like the embattled R&B singer. 

Check out Freddie Gibbs’ tweets below.