Comedian and actor Anthony Johnson, known best for his roles in 1990’s House Party and 1995’s Friday has died. He was 55-years-old. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson’s rep LyNea Bell confirmed the actor’s passing and, despite no further details being released, Bell told The Hollywood Reporter that “We lost an icon. He will be greatly missed.”

Johnson, also credited with appearances in Menace II Society, Lethal Weapon 3 and the I Got The Hook-Up film series, acted alongside Kid ‘n Play in House Party as E.Z.E. (he would also appear in House Party 3) and most-famously played the hilarious Ezal, known bet for his slip-and-fall in an attempt to secure and injury settlement, alongside both Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in Friday

Most recently, Johnson was credited as playing Gold Grillz in 2019’s Shorty Betta Go 2 Work — Grandma Huttie’s Boyfriend, a short film. 

Upon the news of Johnson’s passing, his name was trending on Twitter and fans took to the platform to share their favorite scenes and memories from the late actor.