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Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie’s Last Known Photos Together Show Them Touring A National Park


The Laundrie family attorney confirmed that remains found in Florida on Wednesday belong to Brian.

For the past several weeks, the names of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie have been all over the news. It was revealed that the 22-year-old was killed by strangulation after her remains were found in a Wyoming park back in September.

Although he was never named a suspect, Laundrie was the main person of interest in his fiancée’s death, with suspicion only rising after he disappeared from his family’s home in Florida, having returned from a road trip with Petito’s van, but without Petito.

TMZ has obtained what they believe to be the last known photos of the couple, reportedly taken back in August while they were exploring Arches National Park in Utah. The pictures show Laundrie laughing while Petito hydrates, and the two of them touring the Delicate Arch.

“We decided to take the path less travelled on the other side of the arch,” the late YouTuber captioned her Instagram post from August 12th. “While [Brian] climbed down some steep slopes with the camera, I shimmed my way along a thin flat narrow line that led directly to a big flat rock with the absolute most beautiful view from directly underneath the arch.”

Petito shared several photos to her feed from Arches National Park, including one of she and Laundrie kissing while seated near the Delicate Arch.

Yesterday, it was confirmed via dental records that human remains discovered in a Florida reserve not far from Brian’s home belonged to the wanted man. The FBI and local officials have received several tips that Laundrie was reportedly seen biking on back roads and hiking the Appalachian trail, but now that they’ve found a body, the next step is to identify exactly how the deceased passed.

For more information on Petito and Laundrie, read our story about one of the couple’s intense arguments, which was de-escalated by police.



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