Gabrielle Union Drops Around $20K When Visiting Strip Clubs

Gabrielle Union Drops Around $20K When Visiting Strip Clubs

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The actress admitted to being a regular at Magic City and revealed how many times a year she frequents strip clubs.

Whether you are from Atlanta or not, Magic City is a well-known hotspot. It’s one of the most popular strip club destinations while also operating a casual place for people to meet up, often for a night out for drinks or even a business meeting. Locations such as these have become regular fixtures in the lives of entertainers, especially in Rap and sports, and Gabrielle Union revealed just how much she enjoys tossing a few bands to see the ladies dance.

Weeks ago, Union released her memoir, You Got Anything Stronger?, and she visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to speak about certain points, including her mention of her love of strip clubs.

Gabrielle Union
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Union said that before the pandemic she would visit the clubs “10 to 15 times in a year” and labeled herself a “connoisseur.” Kimmel wanted to know if people recognize her when she walks in. 

“There’s a really famous strip club in Atlanta called Magic City,” she said as people in the audience began to clap and cheer. “You know it!… When I walk in there it’s like, ‘Gab Union!’ Honor among thieves. But yeah, it’s a welcoming place, the ladies are very welcoming. But they’re all different!” Kimmel questioned Union about the most she has spent on a night out at a strip club.

“Oh, my business manager’s like… I don’t know. Probably, 10, 20 thousand.” Kimmel was shocked. “Yeah, you don’t really think about it because [of] the booze, and you always want to make sure the ladies go home with a little something.”

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