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Gary Owen Hilariously Details Why Tyrese Allegedly Hates Him


It is safe to say that Tyrese keeps receipts of the jokes and insults people have made about him on social media.

Most celebrities are used to being critiqued and joked about online, but Tyrese did not appreciate the jabs from Gary Owen. The comedian often cracks jokes about all things pop culture, much like the rest of the world, but during a recent casual chat with T-Pain, Owen shared a funny story of how he was confronted by the Fast & Furious icon. 

“You wanna know who doesn’t like me? Tyrese!” said Owen as everyone laughed. “I tell you, that motherf*cker hates me… We was at LaLa’s reality show debut party when she had Full Court Life. We’re at the party—I’d met Tyrese before! I thought we was cool.”

Andrew Toth / Stringer / Getty Images

“So, the girl he was dating at the time, I knew her,” explained Owen. He said the woman greeted him and she wanted to introduce Owen to Tyrese. “So, I go up, I got my hand like this like, ‘What’s up, man!’ This motherf*cker was against the column, had an L.A. Dodger hat on.” Tyrese apparently didn’t look happy to see the comedian.

“He goes, ‘Ay, man. I’m just real, just real.’ I went, ‘You’re Tyrese.’ I was like, did he change his name? And then he goes, ‘Ay, man, you be talkin’ ’bout me on Twitter.'” Owen denied that he mentioned him, but Tyrese immediately pulled up receipts on his phone.

Owen admitted to saying that when he watched Transformers, he was “waiting on Tyrese to give the Decepticons relationship advice so they could get along with the Autobots” and questioned why Tyrese continues to give so much relationship advice if he’s divorced. Watch Owen share his story below.


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