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“Get Ready For The Album(s)”


Tiller says that one of the albums he’s working on “is 100% complete.”

It’s now been one year since Bryson Tiller released the masterpiece that is A N N I V E R S A R Y. While some artists like to take their time and rest up between projects, the 28-year-old let his fans know via Instagram that’s he’s been hard at work on multiple albums, and that one of them “is 100% complete.”

“Years go by.. Thanks to all of you who have been supporting for so long,” the singer captioned his post yesterday.

“Celebrating the Anniversary with you guys last year really helped me fall back in love with making music…because to be honest, for a while there I really didn’t want to be bothered with anything music related. My grandmother’s passing took me by surprise and made me realize I really can’t be stagnant out here and that I MUST keep moving no matter WHAT.”

He then went on to share some very exciting news, telling his followers to “get ready for the album(s)” (one of which is finished) and promising that he’ll see us soon. 

According to OnSmash, Tiller is expected to release a new single before the year is up, and we’ll likely hear the project that he’s been wrapping up in 2022.

His 2020 release, A N N I V E R S A R Y only included two features – “Outta Time” with Drake, and “Still Yours” with Big Sean, which can be heard on the deluxe version. 

Who would you like to see Tiller collaborate with, or are you hoping for a featureless album from the Kentucky native?



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