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Gilbert Arenas Offers No Mercy To Kwame Brown


There is no love lost between Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown.

Over the past year or so, Kwame Brown has been very vocal about the people he despises in the basketball world. He has gone after quite a few names, and he has even dissed up fans who try to discredit what he has done. After all, Brown was one of the most slandered players in the NBA during his 10-year career, and regardless of where he went, he was not particularly well-received. Regardless, Brown feels like people are always trying to play him, and it has led to a chip on his shoulder mentality.

Recently, Brown went at none other than Gilbert Arenas, who used to be his teammate on the Washington Wizards. Brown claims that Arenas stopped him from getting the bag, and that he was a backstabber to his own brethren. 

Arenas has been known for his IG rants and with Brown coming at him, he decided to go off. In the Instagram post below, Arenas basically called Brown a scrub who was terrible during his career. Arenas says fans used to boo Kwame out of his own building and that moving forward, he will continue to give Brown the smoke.

Kwame Brown

Stephen Brashear/BIG3/Getty Images

Per Arenas:

“I have 54 minutes of who u were as a wizard nothing but truth supported by facts and articles so let’s not do this anymore OKAY? Bra you were booed by EVERY CITY u played for, how are u gonna win an internet battle with me ? them fans nicknamed u “boo boo brown” becuz u played like some shit and u want SMOKE with me? not 1 minute of this video is about u off the court just yo hoe as tendencies on the court. Gil can u tell them not to use the smoke machine to call our names, it’s messing with my vision and breathing #facts telling his followers he’s an alpha male  more like a gremlin ” Nigga came with so many instructions when it came to hooping” (don’t pass the ball to me first 3 plays, gotta warm up)(can we start the layup line on the left side, becuz the lights on the right,hurts my eyeballs)(can u switch shorts with me, they gave me 52 and u 54, I’m alittle faster in 54’s)(hey Gil coach wants me to play Chris bosh str8 up, can u go tell him we might need to double he will listen to u)(I don’t wanna play home games becuz they booing me)Kwame a alpha male is a mindset not physical attributes. a alpha wouldn’t be on the internet complaining how everyone treated him and blaming people for why his career didn’t go the way it should have. A alpha male isn’t a victim they create victims guess yo momma cooking was missing a few male ingredients BOY everybody go to “basketball reference” type in Kwame brown…under his name at the top u will see his nickname (coffee) as in John Coffey, that big soft ass niggas from green mile his NBA nickname was basically (BETA) this is a lose lose for u MR brown…I DONT wanna post the video so do what u normally do when I give u orders, just walk away ya beta boy. PS amber rose is having her annual slut walk this summer, gone out there with yo little sign “#bustlife male ho’s have feelings too, black boy magic.” THIS POST IS JUST A WARN SHOT, u keep fucking with me, the video will be posted and it’s worse. I WANT VIOLENCE the old Gil is back.”

It remains to be seen how Brown will respond to this, although we imagine it will be with fireworks. Until then, stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates on this story.


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