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Givenchy’s Noose Necklace Called “Disgusting” & “Pathetic” By Angry Twitter Users


Givenchy is the latest luxury brand to face backlash for its problematic creations.

It wouldn’t be Paris Fashion Week without some sort of faux pas; this season’s just so happened to go down on the Givenchy runway. For their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, the brand questionably decided to accessorize some of its models with necklaces resembling a noose.

The show took place in Paris on Sunday, showcasing the designs of Matthew M Williams, who is now facing major backlash from all across the internet for his noose necklace.

“We need POC in these large fashion houses to call out the BS,” one frustrated viewer tweeted. “Come on a noose necklace @givenchy?!?! That’s why I hardly purchase luxury items as they all have done this type of shit. #Disrespectful #tasteless.”

Others were quick to point out that it was only two years ago that Burberry received major criticism for the “noose hoodie” that made it’s debut in their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection.

Popular Instagram account, Diet Prada (known for their poignant commentary on the fashion industry) posted about the Givenchy necklace, saying, “you’d think the industry would’ve learned not to put things that resemble nooses around a model’s neck … really makes you wonder how no one noticed, but alas … history repeats itself.”

Some other Twitter users seemed to share the belief that, after so many racist “accidents,” with seemingly no change, these luxury brands are making these decisions on purpose, and trying to use the publicity to their advantage.

How do you feel about Givenchy’s noose necklace? Let us know below.


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