Going rogue? Elon Musk shares ‘life-changing’ Twitter hack…


With Elon Musk still trying to complete his purchase of Twitter, progress on the deal has stalled in the past few days. However, Elon Musk hasn’t lost his interest in the social media site – and he’s shared this helpful hack with the rest of us.

How to get Tweets to appear in chronological order… courtesy of Elon Musk!

One of the most controversial aspects of the Twitter algorithm is its tendency to show users posts in a non-chronological order, prioritising Tweets that the system thinks each user ‘is more likely’ to take an interest in.

It works for some, but others aren’t so sure – and Elon Musk is certainly the latter. That’s why he shared a three-step technique to ‘fix’ our Twitter feeds, returning your Twitter settings to show posts as they are uploaded:

Elon Musk clashes with Twitter founder

However, this advice somewhat irked Twitter founder Jack Dorsey – who defended the algorithm he essentially created for the site. He stated that the feature helps users catch-up ‘when they’ve been away for a while’, serving as a ‘convenience’.

“It was designed simply to save you time when you are away from app for a while. Pull to refresh goes back to reverse chron as well. They simply try to put the tweets that you’re *most likely* to engage with at the top.”

“That’s it. Predictive based on what you like, retweet, reply to, search for, pause on, etc. it’s meant to be a convenience, nothing more. Again most important is being able to turn off.”

Jack Dorsey

Algorithm Wars

Elon Musk clocked this response, and offered a more nuanced take on the matter. He believes that the default system simply ‘manipulates and amplifies’ one’s own viewpoints – something the free speech advocate is dead-against:

“I’m not suggesting malice in the algorithm, but rather, that it’s trying to guess what you might want to read and, in doing so, inadvertently manipulates/amplifies your viewpoints, without you realizing this is happening.”

Elon Musk


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