Google Hangout services will be discontinued in November


Google Hangout came into the world as a successor to GChat also known as Google Talk. The tech giant shut the curtains on GChat some years back and is ready to do the same to its successor. Google will close all services on the application but all users will receive an automatic migration to Google Chat. In 2020 the Hangout application became obsolete. In the month of October 2020, Google made a switch from Hangout to a new cross-platform instant messaging service but left the application on the PlayStore and App Store, still giving users access to its features.

Google Hangout moving to Google Chat

The delay from 2020 up until 2022 was to allow existing Hangout users to get familiar with Google Chats. Yes, Google Chat will be succeeding Hangout as the new cross-platform instant messaging application from Google. It is cross-platform in the sense that it permits users to access its features from Gmail as well as other workspace applications.

Google is working hard to make this migration to Chats easy and seamless. To do this, the company will be sending prompts within Google Hangout to move users to Chats. This upgrade to Chats will occur automatically within the month of July for web users. All conversations and spaces a user is on will upgrade with them. 

By November 2022 the Hangout application will no longer be available for use or download. Google promises that a lot of benefits will come with the Chat application. Bringing an end to Google Hangout makes sense since it offers the same experience as Chats. In the coming months, we will also see a merger between Google Meet and Duo.


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