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GRIP Returns With A Quick-Witted New Single, “Spatula”

On Friday, December 3rd, GRIP unleashed a new track that’s short in length but packs a heavy punch thanks to the Atlanta native’s quick and clever lyricism. The song was produced by Wili Hendrixs, and is the perfect listen to get you amped up before your next workout or on a hyped-up late night drive with your friends.

“Yeah, fiend for the guap, got a key to the lock / And I’m keen, I could spot all the schemes in these plots [ain’t no cream to your crop?] / Clip, got a sixteen piece for a opp’ / They was sleep when I said ‘Meet me at the top’” he spits on the first verse, setting the pace for the rest of the song.

In August, GRIP shared a 17-track project called I Died For This??, including features from Kay Nellz, Kenny Mason, AHYES, Big Rube, Tate 228, Eminem, Dead Casssettes, Wara, Royce Da 5’9”, and Wiley from Atlanta. “Spatula is his first single since then, and following so many incredible collaborations, it’s easy to see why the “Peaks N Pitfalls” hitmaker wanted to show off his solo skills.

Check out “Spatula” below and leave a quick review in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Got leeches all on my dick, got bitches all on my line
Hoppin’ in my DMs, really divin’ out the deep end
Tryna see if we can be friends, well, that depends
Gotta pretend only for the weekend
And don’t keep tabs on the cash he spend
Smash on the dash while your ass leave him
I know you gotta get laid, but I gotta get paid
I got too many rats on my calendar

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