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Gucci Mane Drops “So Icy Christmas” Ft. Hotboy Wes, BigWalkDog, Enchanting & More

If there’s one thing Gucci Mane knows how to do, it’s pulling together a compilation with his artists. The East Atlanta Santa returns for another celebratory record, So Icy Christmas, just in time for the holidays and he’s called on artists like Enchanting, BigWalkDog, Big Scarr, Hotboy Wes, and BiC Fizzle to round out the 17-track album.

Gucci dropped So Icy Boyz, his ninth compilation album, months ago and So Icy Christmas makes for his second offering this year. The Rap mogul has been carefully shaping his new 1017 crew as he revamps his label and adds on new talent, so expect to hear much more from Gucci Mane & Co. in 2022.

Stream So Icy Christmas and share your thoughts.


1. Street Ni66a Christmas – Gucci Mane
2. Da Beginning – Gucci Mane
3. Nina Ross — Enchanting
4. Motion – BigWalkDog
5. Nose Red – Gucci Mane
6. Megatron – Big Scarr
7. Rehab – Enchanting ft. Hotboy Wes
8. On They Own – BiC Fizzle ft. Hotboy Wes
9. On Em – Hotboy Wes ft. DJ Chose
10. All About the Hustle – Gucci Mane
11. Day 1 – Hotboy Wes
12. All I Want for Christmas – Gucci Mane
13. Son of a Gun – BigWalkDog
14. Like the Grinch – Gucci Mane
15. Anyway  Big Scarr
16. Servin – BiC Fizzle
17. Long Live Dolph – Gucci Mane

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