Gunna Pens Open Letter From Prison, Proclaims His Innocence –


Incarcerated rap star Gunna has penned an open letter publicly proclaiming his innocence amid accusations that he had a commanding role in YSL, the alleged violent gang that has committed criminal acts in the city of Atlanta over the past decade.

In the note, dated June 14, the “Pushin P” artist refutes the charges that have been levied against him and remains hopeful for his exoneration. “The picture that is being painted of me is ugly and untrue,” the Georgia native wrote. “My fans know I love and celebrate life, I love my family, I love travel, I love music, I love my fans. I have all faith that God will grant me justice for the purity in my heart and the innocence of my actions.”

Gunna touched on being wrongfully accused and compared the prosecutors’ tactics to modern slavery. He also pointed out how the art he created to change his circumstances is being used against him. He also noted his charitable contributions and philanthropy as a true reflection of his character while vowing to return to those efforts once he’s granted his freedom.

“Nothing will stop me from chasing my dreams, I won’t stop being a good person, even if some unnamed and unknown accusers want the world to see me as a bad person,” he penned. “When I was free, I was good and kind to the community around me and, when I am released, I will do the same thing all over again.”

In the Instagram post’s caption, Gunna also detailed his current living conditions, sharing that he spends 22 hours out of the day locked in a windowless cell and has been subjected to limited human interaction.

“22 & 2, just a bed & a shower, no windows just walls,” it reads. “Can’t see or talk to anyone. I’m writing now & still praying everyday. I was raised to fight fire with water, even tho my country’s amendments have failed me! PROTECT BLACK ART!”

Gunna turned himself in to authorities on May 11 after being named in a massive indictment of the alleged Young Slime Life (YSL) gang, which netted 27 other accused members of the gang, including fellow Atlanta rap star and YSL Records CEO Young Thug. Gunna has pleaded not guilty to one count of violating Georgia’s anti-racketeering law and has been denied bail. He will remain in jail until he’s ready to face trial.

Read his full letter below.


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