HBK Banz & Lil Chris Get Personal On “Mud Baby”


Artists HBK Banz and Lil Chris are hitting their stride with their latest single “Mud Baby” — an earnest reflection of their experiences coming up in Chicago’s Westside. The pair gets honest about what it took to cultivate their resilience, as well as how they’ve focused and molded themselves to be in the positions they are today. 

“We really came from nothing, coming straight from out the mud/Never had sh*t when all a n*** need is love,” HBK Banz sings on the hook, speaking on the lengths he’s gone through growing up in the trenches and getting stuck on the spokes of his surroundings. “Never had sh*t, he don’t got nobody to trust/Tryna get a bag quick but all he know is selling drugs.” 

“I’m having dreams of my success/I’m having nightmares about failing,” Lil Chris also sings on the hook, emphasizing that there is no turning back. As they go up, they only have one goal: to keep going. They hold that sentiment throughout the song by trading verses and sharing their stories. 

Last Friday, HBK Banz and Lil Chris premiered the video for the song, a thoughtful and intentional visual representation of the relationship they have with where they grew up.

Listen to the song and watch the official video below. 

Quotable Lyrics
I got love for all my people, know they need me
I know coming from the trenches, it ain’t easy
Can’t believe they turned they back, it cut me deeply
I wonder, is it real love when they see me?


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