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HBO Max Drops Trailer For Upcoming Show Based On Showtime Lakers Starring John C. Reilly


The show comes out in March 2022,

HBO Max has got another great show on their hands. Rather than telling the story all-time great basketball teams in a documentary style, such as MJ’s Bulls The Last Dance on Netflix, HBO decided on another route.

Produced and written by Adam McKay, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is a scripted dramatization of the Los Angeles Lakers team of the 1980s who won championships with Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.Winning Time will air in March 2022. The show stars John C. Reilly as famed Lakers owner Jerry Buss. Quincy Isaiah as Magic Johnson and Solomon Hughes as Kareem.

The trailer for the show depicts a glamorized, humorous take on one of the most impressive dynasties the NBA has seen. John C. Relliy looks to portray Buss exceptionally, as there was some controversy over whole would play the role.

Adam McKay produced Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, and is a lifelong friend of Will Ferrell’s. He helped produce and write hit movies for Ferrell like Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, Anchorman, The Campaign and Get Hard. The two were practically inseparable in the industry.

Ferrell hoped to land the role of Jerry Buss, but McKay insisted that Reilly was better for the portrayal. In an interview with Variety, McKay explained how the decision went down, and how Ferrell was upset he was not notified ahead of time: “The truth is, the way the show was always going to be done, it’s hyperrealistic. And Ferrell just doesn’t look like Jerry Buss, and he’s not that vibe of a Jerry Buss. And there were some people involved who were like, ‘We love Ferrell, he’s a genius, but we can’t see him doing it.’ It was a bit of a hard discussion. I should have called him and I didn’t. And Reilly did, of course, because Reilly, he’s a stand-up guy.”

Ferrell and McKay are no longer on speaking terms, and it is sad to see such a misunderstanding lead to a breakup of great colleagues.

However, Winning Time looks to be an excellent show, and surely John C. Reilly will do a great job in his role.


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