Healthy and on the go


If you’re a healthy person the go, you know how hard it is to make snacks and meals that you can have on the run. Smoothies are great because you can cram all of the tasty healthy foods you want into them and drink your meal instead. If you love strawberries and strawberry milkshakes, we have you covered with a healthy alternative. It’s great for anybody following a healthy diet and the kids will enjoy it too.

More about your strawberry yoghurt smoothie

Plain yoghurt provides great benefits to your digestive system to keep you regular but is also a great ingredient to put in the place of milk in the smoothie. Bananas add loads of potassium to stay up during the long day while almonds and almond milk add great protein and flavour. Do yourself a favour and crush the chia seeds to make them easier to digest. Each serving of this tasty and healthy smoothie is only 359 calories.

Stay on track with your diet, enjoy a breakfast or snack on the go during the busy day or just grab a seat and enjoy. Try our strawberry yoghurt smoothie.

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