Heard claims Depp would ‘draw blood’, put smokes out on body


Actress Amber Heard resumed testifying in the defamation case between her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, on Monday 16 May.

The Aquaman actress, who is countersuing her ex for physical and sexual abuse, told the Virginia Court that Depp would “often cut his arm” and “hold his knife to his chest or draw blood” during their explosive fights.

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The high-profile case resumed for its fifth week with Heard continuing her testimony. The 36-year-old actress has painted a picture of her 58-year-old ex-lover as an abusive, jealous and drug-fuelled partner.

On Monday 16 May, Heard alleged that Depp would frequently indulge in self-harm when they would have their fights, according to People Magazine.

“He did that often… I almost called 911 in New York in 2014, August of 2014 I believe, because I thought he had done himself an injury. He often, in fights, would cut his arms or hold a knife to his chest or draw blood, superficially at first. But later, in like 2016 — especially as our relationship was ending. He also put cigarettes out on himself. He’d flick them at me and once or twice tried to put one out on me, but mostly he would do it while screaming at me.

“He once did it right in front of me, screaming at my face as he put the cigarette out on his cheek,” Heard told the court.

Earlier in the trial, audio was played of Depp threatening to cut himself with a knife as Heard begged for him to stop.

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Continuing her testimony, the London Fields actress also alleged to have been physically assaulted by Depp when they were on honeymoon. The former couple got married in 2015 and Heard filed for divorce less than two years thereafter.

According to BBC, Heard told jurors that she believes Depp would’ve killed her had she not left him.

Recounting an incident she alleged took place during their honeymoon, she said: “I was so scared that it was going to end really badly for me… I really didn’t want to leave him. I loved him so much,” she was quoted as saying.

“He was squeezing my neck against the railway car for what felt like a very long time. I remember being scared that he wouldn’t mean to do it,” she continued.


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