Here’s why this wine advert has been banned in SA


The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has ruled in favour of two complainants, who reported a controversial wine advert to the organisation last week. The imagery used has been slammed for ‘perpetuating rape culture’, and those presiding over the matter described it as ‘outright offensive’.

Wine advert ‘outlawed’ by ARB

The ad, created by alcohol delivery service Wine Time, depicts a woman with her mouth agape, having a bottle of wine poured down her throat. The work appeared on the side of a van, and those who complained said that the branding is guilty of ‘objectifying and sexualising women’:

“Two complaints were received about the Wine Time advertisement. The Complainants stated that the vehicle branding is highly offensive as it objectifies and sexualises women for no responsible reason or cause. One complainant suggested that advertisements such as this are responsible for entrenching rape culture in South Africa.”

ARB statement

Van ban: Officials deem advert ‘poorly considered’

Without hesitation, the ARB moved to uphold these grievances, stating that the wine advert was in breach of their own standards. The image has been deemed ‘unacceptable’, and can no longer be used to promote the business.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Board also raised concerns about the message this ad sends in regards to alcohol consumption. Considering South Africa’s problematic relationship with booze, this was another nail in the coffin.

“We will uphold the complaint. Given the high rates of gender-based violence and specifically rape in South Africa, which are strongly associated with alcohol consumption in a high percentage of cases, the depiction of alcohol usage alongside sexual imagery makes for a poorly considered combination.”

“The Directorate believed that the depiction of the young woman having wine poured into her mouth does not depict responsible consumption of an alcoholic beverage – either in terms of volume or pace of consumption. The advert is offensive, and constitutes a negative gender portrayal that is unjustified.”

ARB statement


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