Hotboii Takes A Shot At His Enemies On “All The Opps”


Coming out of Orlando, Florida, Hotboii has been impressing his fans with a plethora of dope high-energy tracks that speak on a variety of topics, including gang culture, money, jewelry, and any other hedonistic tendencies. His drops have always been consistent, and this past week, he delivered for his fans as he dropped the brand new song “All The Opps.”

As you will immediately notice, this song is incredibly catchy and features that energy we all know Hotboii for. Throughout the track, the artist takes aim at his opps and disses them in some pretty creative ways. From bad music to being simps, Hotboii has a lot to say about those who oppose him. Overall, this makes for a great song, that can be streamed below.

Quotable Lyrics:

All the opps music straight garbage, I need ear plugs
All the opps broke as hell, ain’t hard to get no income
All the opps be beefing ’bout a bitch and then forgive her
All the opps would be relevant, probably if I dissed them


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