How to use the new WhatsApp privacy to hide your “last seen”


The latest privacy feature on WhatsApp is currently available via upgrade on Google PlayStore or the App Store. This feature has been in the beta testing stage since December last year and is now stable for a global release. This feature helps users to hide information such as their last seen, profile photo, and about from certain contacts.

Previously, a user could only choose between everyone, my contact, and nobody to see their information. Now, WhatsApp privacy adds a new option to the list being “my contact except.”  This will be useful for users who don’t want to share their business with certain people.

How to access the new privacy setting on Android/iPhone

Here is how you can access this option on WhatsApp, whether on an iPhone or an Android device. First head over to the PlayStore or App Store and update WhatsApp. Next, launch the application and tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your Android device and select “settings.” For iPhones, you can access this page via your settings tab and the base of the screen interface. 

Now tap account, then privacy, there you’d see all available privacy features that WhatsApp has to offer. This new feature is applicable to three of these privacy settings, last seen, profile photo, and about. Tap on any three, select the “my contact except” option and pick the contact(s) that you want to exclude. Click the check button once done and your last seen, about, and profile picture will not be visible to the selected contact(s).


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