Hurricane Chris says he saw Halle Berry dancing to his hit single, “Halle Berry (She’s Fine),” on The Ellen Show back in 2009. The track was released the same year on Chris’ second studio album Unleashed.

“Man, I was in Atlanta at Hot Beats and the owner of Hot Beats was standing in the front and they called me to the front to see it on the TV,” he said during a recent interview with B High Atl. “And I was like, ‘Man, that’s crazy! Where y’all find that at?’ I looked at my phone and it was real.”

Hurricane Chris, Halle Berry
Scott Gries / Getty Images

Chris also admitted just how important the success of “Halle Berry (She’s Fine)” was to his career. He says that his label, Polo Grounds, was planning on dropping him until the single became a massive success.

“It was just a crazy situation of basically a label who wanted to use me for one single, but I kept getting another single and another single and another single,” he said. “When really your goal was to try to juice as much as you can juice and then move onto the next situation, I just was so big, it didn’t happen as fast as maybe they wanted it to happen.”

Chris also discussed the second-degree murder charges he is facing in Louisiana.