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“I Hope He Gets His Sh*t Together”


During her recent comedy show, Sykes reportedly spoke about the Chris Rock incident and said of Smith: “F*ck him.”

She helped co-host this year’s Oscars with Amy Schumer and Regina King, so Wanda Sykes had a front-row seat to the slap heard ’round the world. The comedian, much millions of others, was stunned when Will Smith smacked Chris Rock across the face following a mention of Jada Pinkett Smith’s bald head at the Academy Awards ceremony. She previously said that when she saw Rock backstage, he apologized for the moment taking away from her Oscars opportunity.

During her recent comedy show in Florida, Sykes once again addressed the infamous incident, stating that she is “still traumatized” from it. “I can’t talk about it. I get emotional.”

Wanda Sykes
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

Sykes was also upset that Smith slapped Rock and just sat back down to enjoy the remainder of the ceremony. “I couldn’t believe he was still sitting there, like an asshole,” she reportedly said. “Shouldn’t you be sitting there with a lawyer or LAPD, motherf*cker?… I hope he gets his sh*t together. Until then, f*ck him.”

Ever since Smith issued an official apology for his behavior and was banned from attending Academy Awards events for 10 years, it has been radio silence from his camp. Jada’s Red Table Talk returned with a new season and Smith is scheduled to sit down with David Letterman for what is expected to be a showstopping interview. 



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