“I Hope Them Bees Sting The F*ck Out Yo A**”


Apparently Big Sean has ascended to a higher plane than most human beings. 

After bodying four instrumentals (including Drake’s “All Love” and Kanye West’s “Hurricane”) during his recent LA Leakers freestylethe Detroit rapper popped back up today with a new, Hit-Boy produced single, “What A Life.” 

While “What A Life” features two of rap’s heavy hitters getting together for a track, the visuals for the song are garnering more attention than the song itself, and for good reason. For one portion of the “What A Life” video, Big Sean is literally covered in bees. 65,000 bees, to be exact. 

Freddie Gibbs, known internet troll, couldn’t let this slide. The Bandana rapper had to let Big Sean know exactly how insane it is to post up in a cloud of bees like it’s nothing. 

“N****z get rich and bored and start doing dumb sh*t, D’F*ck @BigSean,” Gibbs tweeted, adding a snapshot of a bee-covered Sean. “This n***a @BigSean think he candyman … Man I gotta get so rich I let bees sting me in the dick.” 

Finishing the bee tirade, Gibbs got in one last shot, tweeting “I hope them bees sting the f*ck out yo a**,” directly at Big Sean, the Hall Of Fame rapper had to get take a couple jabs of his own. 

“Yes b*tch! I’m rich in a lot of ways tho, you’ll see when you get there!,” Sean responded to Gibbs. “Sike as, u my n***a Love you bro.” 

In a hilarious interaction with Big Sean, Gibbs made it abundantly clear how he feels about letting 65,000 bees crawl all over him, and this wasn’t even his first faux Twitter beef of the day. After realizing he was left off Wale’s new album, Folarin II, Gibbs sent a couple shots at the D.C. rapper, prompting Wale to call him a “Twitter honey.” 

Gibbs has long been known as one of the funnier rappers in the game and, just one week after telling Dr. Umar he wants all the smoke, it’s no surprise that he couldn’t resist the urge to mix it up with both Big Sean and Wale. 

What do you think of Big Sean’s bee-covered music video? Let us know in the comments. 



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