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“I Need To Swim Up For Air”


Britney Spears poured her heart into an Instagram post.

Britney has been going through a lot. Even though her ultra-controlling conservatorship has finally come to a close, she has still found herself bogged down in hardships, from her ongoing feud with her sister to her ex-husband Jason Alexander breaking into her home.

Now, Spears has given insight into how she’s getting through the drama she’s constantly confronted with. In a recent heartfelt Instagram post, the singer went into depth about where she’s at mentally.

Britney Spears

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

First, Spears quoted a caption written by the artist Makenzy Smith, who Spears says she has no connection to but just liked her thoughts. “On cloud nine whenever my camera is in my hand [stars emoji] but I’m learning now more than ever that my job is not my purpose. It’s a huge part of my life and I LOVE it, but I am un learning the societal norm that I am worthy based on my productivity,” read Smith’s caption. “You are worth so much more than what you can do in a day. You deserve rest and love, you don’t need to earn your place in this world. Once you lean into this truth, the work becomes easier, it becomes a labor of love not a burden of the soul. so if no one told you today, you are worthy, you are loved, you deserve to be here, you’ll do great things in time [leaf emoji].”

Spears then filled four pages with her own thoughts, discussing a variety of topics, including self-doubt, family, complaining, and large foreheads. “How incredible blessed I am… excited… elated […] and genuinely thrilled I can share about MENTAL HEALTH,” the pop star wrote. Check out the post below.



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