“I Want It To Just Wipe Out Way More People”

“I Want It To Just Wipe Out Way More People”

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Bill Burr didn’t hold anything back when talking about COVID-19 with Seth Meyers.

Bill Burr has never been one to mince words and, ahead of the release of his new comedy album Bill Burr Live From Madison Square Garden, Burr video-called in to Late Night with Seth Meyers and let his feelings about COVID-19 and the ongoing global pandemic. 

To go along with the release of his comedy album, Burr is set to appear at Amoeba Music in Hollywood on September 23 to sign physical copies of the album. In a press release leading up to the event, it is stated that “masks are required at all time while inside Amoeba Music and masks are encouraged while in line outside as well,” but Burr told Meyers he is over trying to control other people. 

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“I will be definitely be wearing a mask, but I’m at the point now, I don’t care anymore,” Burr said. “I don’t care. I don’t care if you think the world’s flat. I don’t care what you think. Just do whatever the hell you’re going to do.” 

A classic, George Carlin-like response from Burr is to be expected at this point. Back in May, Burr’s COVID comments during an appearance on Conan stirred up controversy when he went on a winding rollercoaster of explanations about “sheeple,” who the vaccine would affect and who would survive in the end.

And just last week Burr ripped into the NFL, calling the league “hypocrites” for publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement while also agreeing to add another regular season game onto its already-16-game schedule. Burr said the all-but-guaranteed money grab move would put the predominantly Black league at greater risk for both brain and body injuries and questioned the league’s actual support for BLM, insinuating that like most things in the NFL, its social justice actions are a front to cover up money-making motives. 

Burr had more to say in his Seth Meyers appearance but brought the focus back to COVID, saying he hopes “The virus gets deadlier and I want it to just wipe out way more people. That’s what I’m going for. I think we all tried to pull in the same direction. It’s not going to happen. And we’re all sort of broken up into these pods on the internet where people just want to hear what they want to hear.” 

Continuing on to acknowledge that people were going to drink “alligator plaque medicine” to cure COVID, Burr finished with a tangent on God, saying “God made people flawed and modern medicine kept them all alive. Defeated Mother Nature. That’s why there’s eight billion mouth-breathing morons on the planet.” 

This type of aggression is nothing new for Burr but even when contextualized, statements like “I want it to just wipe out way more people,” are sure to rub people the wrong way.

What do you think of Burr’s current feelings on COVID-19? Check out his whole appearance with Seth Meyers below and let us know in the comments. 



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