Lizzo has had enough of all of the bullies incessantly trying to tear her down. While she’s one of the most confident, body-positive women in the music industry, the 33-year-old Detroit native is having a difficult time navigating her success with trolls shaming her at every corner, and she took her frustrations out after yet another hater voiced their opinion on Twitter.

Responds to a since-deleted rude comment under her latest twerk video, Lizzo listed off all of the amazing things that she promotes as a celebrity, hoping that a reminder would help people realize that she’s not deserving of all the hate.

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

“I promote meditation, plant based nutrition, flexibility & strength by performing high energy choreography for 90mins straight, body confidence & in the video ur ‘commenting’ on I’m literally dancing… get a fucking life,” said Lizzo on Twitter. “If I’m moby ur the dick.. & I suggest u hop off mine bitch.”

She followed up that post with a more emotional tweet, telling fans that she’s struggling with the way she’s being perceived right now.

“Sometimes I wonder why I still do this shit—the love feels fake these days and the hate is way too real,” she said.

Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Hopefully, she was able to rest last night and woke up feeling more refreshed. Online hate can get pretty overwhelming and she’s a warrior for constantly facing off against her bullies and overcoming the criticism. Check out her latest tweets below.