Before the 2021 Met Gala, Nicki Minaj revealed that the event was requiring proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, and that she would not be attending as a result. The same thing happened a month later, when Summer Walker announced that she was skipping the BET Hip Hop Awards for the same reason. Most recently, and most publicly, Brooklyn Nets’ general manager Sean Marks announced that Kyrie Irving would not be allowed to play or practice for the team until he was fully vaccinated. 

All of these bars on participation have come as a result of stricter and stricter COVID-19 regulations, and vaccine mandates across the country. 

And according to a recent report by The Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube is the latest high-profile celebrity to miss out on an opportunity due to being unvaccinated. 

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ice Cube has dropped out of the upcoming Sony Pictures comedy, Oh Hell No, in which Cube would have starred alongside Jack Black.

Despite promoting mask-wearing throughout the ongoing global pandemic and even donating thousands of masks to Bacone College in Oklahoma, the “It Was A Good Day” rapper drew the line at vaccination. Upon a Oh Hell No producer’s request that Cube take the shot, the Big3 founder dropped out of the movie altogether.

Production of Oh Hell No had been pushed back to this winter, as Black is reportedly still recovering from an injury suffered “while filming a for the last episode of Conan,” but both Sony and Ice Cube are left in tough spots. Sony will be forced to find an Ice Cube replacement, and Cube will miss out on a $9M payday. 

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The Hollywood Reporter said that neither Sony nor Cube made any comment on the situation, but what do you think about the latter walking out on $9M because he was asked to get vaccinated? Let us know in the comments.