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“If I Ain’t Have A Girl”


The rapper revealed that he has joined the list of Doja’s admirers, but he wouldn’t dare act on it because he respects his family too much.

More highlights from NBA YoungBoy’s Clubhouse chat are being shared and this time, it’s a snippet about Doja Cat that has raised eyebrows. We previously reported on YoungBoy speaking with Akademiks about the deaths of Virgil Abloh and Young Dolph. The rapper remarked that the two were simply “changing form,” and while they won’t be here in this life, they have moved on to the next.

Aside from delivering wisdom about the afterlife, YoungBoy was answering a few questions about his peers. The topic shifted to Doja Cat, an artist who has been taking over Pop one song at a time, and the Louisiana spitter seems to have a bit of a crush on the singer.

Doja Cat
Kevin Mazur / Contributor / Getty Images

“Boy, if I ain’t have a family, if I ain’t have a girl still, I would be tryin’ to marry Doja Cat,” said YoungBoy. Akademiks couldn’t help but laugh at the revelation. “But nah, I got my little girl and her mama. So, I aint f*cking around like that.” When asked what is it about Doja that tickles his fancy, YoungBoy simply stated she’s “unique in her own way.”

This confirms that YoungBoy is definitely in a relationship and many suspect it’s with Jazlyn Mychelle, the latest of the seven—or possibly eight—mothers of his children.  Jazlyn reportedly gave birth earlier this year, months after Yaya Mayweather welcomed her son with YoungBoy. Listen to the rapper fawn over Doja Cat below.


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