Summer Walker is best known as the voice behind anthems like “Girls Need Love” and “Playing Games”, but to over 800,000 followers she’s also @galactawhore. The singer’s not-so-secret finstagram account is loaded with explicit selfies, behind the scenes glimpses into her life, and most recently, a nostalgia-fueled rant about her eccentric high school personas.

“I wish I could find my old pics from high school, I had a shaved head, Mohawk, Afro, every colour wig, blonde Bantu knots, shaved eye brows with 2 stripes of paint under my eyes like I was going to war,” the 25-year-old posted on August 25th. “I had it all cause I didn’t care to be MYSELF, and I still don’t. Don’t be mad at me cause you to puxxy to step outside of societal norms.”

Summer Walker 2021

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Walker then shared her thoughts on the relationship between self expression and white privilege, writing, “Imagine not doing/wearing what you want until you have approval from the rest of your peers…Save your opinions cause I’ma keep being ME regardless despite the insecurities/envy/projection you have towards me. If I was white no one would give af, for some reason black people ain’t allowed to be goth emo or alternative but that’s a different conversation.”

The Georgia native is no stranger to speaking her truth on the internet, and recently found herself taking some heat from Safaree Samuels after revealing her anti-vax stance. From the looks of things though, Walker’s opinions on personal style are approved – her latest post even earned her some love from SZA who commented, “Nah ur fuckn tight. Can’t see it any other way.”

The mother of one also recently revealed that hersophomore album is “almost done” after spending time in the studio with Diddy, Ari Lennox, and Lil Durk, among others.