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Iggy Azalea Won’t Go Through The “Chaos” Of Having Dark Hair Again After “Blackfishing” Scandal


Azalea was accused of “blackfishing” following the release of her “I Am The Stripclub” music video.

“You cannot shake me,” is what Iggy Azalea told people accusing her of “blackfishing” following the release of her music video for “I Am The Stripclub” this summer. In the visual, the mother of one opted to switch out her signature blonde hair for a sleek, dark black style and some viewers suspect her different look is no coincidence.

“Two pictures of Iggy Azalea from her new music video and she is blackfishing,” one person wrote on Twitter at the time. “The white woman is about 14 shades darker than her natural skin tone and her whole face structure looks different. She’s got long black hair and hoops,” they continued, sparking an online debate along with many other concerned viewers.

Azalea defended herself, saying, “f*ck those ppl babe lol,” referring to her haters. The phrase “those people” caused even more outrage, with people saying that the 31-year-old’s wording was racially insensitive. “The internet stay trying to read into shit that’s really not that deep,” she responded. 

“Those people is anyone that has a problem with the fact that I wore a black wig and performed in a dimly lit room but have nothing to say about the same makeup in other scenes… not hard to understand.”

Recently, a fan asked Azalea if we would ever see her with black hair again, to which she replied, “I’m not signing up for that chaos again lmao,” referring to the hate she received in July and beyond. 

Check out the “I Am The Stripclub” music video below and tell us if you think Iggy Azalea was blackfishing or not.


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