Ilham “Gang Signs” Video


Along with the video comes the news that ilham has been signed to Def Jam.

It seems like it’s been forever since ilham has dropped new music, but the Moroccan singer is making a comeback with her new single, “gang signs” and it’s accompanying video.

The clip shows ilham rocking all kinds of well-styled looks, from a sultry black bodysuit styled with the perfect amount of jewels to an oversized red cardigan with a flirty white tennis skirt.

“I will waste your time/You know what I’m here for/You’re not mine, not mine/Don’t look into my eyes,” she sings on the chorus.

After the video dropped, ilham headed over to Instagram to share with her followers what she’s been up to during her hiatus.

“Soooo lemme be an emotional cancer real quick,” she wrote. “You guys have been asking me to drop music for almost two years now, but what you didn’t see is how I’ve been nonstop locked in.”

ilham then went on to say that she’s “extremely proud” of the new wave of music she’s got coming, and that she can’t wait to share it with fans.

“Tbh this entire process was an intense form of therapy, & this is the main reason why I’m sane. Me & every creative involved really made this shit with nothing but love-so if I can make anyone feel anything through my work…then I did my job.”

The new song comes along with the news that ilham has been signed to Def Jam Records after several years of working independently.

Make sure to check out the video for “gang signs” above, and look out for all the new music ilham’s got coming our way. 


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