IMF, World Bank slammed as ‘terrorists’ and ‘loan sharks’


The EFF protest against loans from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is well underway ahead of the 2022 Budget Speech on Wednesday. Earlier, the Economic Freedom Fighters declared that it would be marching to Parliament, where Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana is set to detail South Africa’s expenditure following the State of the Nation Address.

The EFF has accused the IMF and World Bank of being ‘loan sharks’. Image: EFF/ Twitter

EFF: ‘Loans are genocide’

The Red Berets kept their word and gathered to protest under the searing Cape Town sun to voice their dismay over the loans obtained by SA from the institutions the party slammed as ‘terrorists’.

Led by EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu, videos of the demonstration were shared to the party’s official social media page. The party has even gone as far as accusing the ANC government of accepting funding from these ‘global loan sharks’ to fund corruption.

“The ANC government keeps accepting loans from these global loan sharks to fund their corruption. The ANC government keeps accepting loans from these global loan sharks. It must end MANJE!”

Red Berets want IMF, World Bank ‘out of Africa’

Futhermore, the political party has called for both the IMF and the World Bank to be booted ‘out of Africa’ entirely, slamming the loans as ‘genocide’.

“These loans are genocide. We want IMF and World Bank out of Africa.”

The EFF is adamant that the hefty funding received by the South African government will, ultimately, be debt inherited by the youth of the nation.

“Defenders of the revolution have occupied the streets of Cape Town, marching to Parliament against the debt that will be inherited by the children of this, our beloved country.”

In conclusion, the EFF also voiced the opinion that the National Treasury has no clue as to why the country obtains loans from these institutions, something they feel has aggravated an already ‘dangerous’ situation.

“The National Treasury has no idea why we receive these loans from the World Bank and IMF, which makes it even more dangerous. “


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