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Israel Adesanya Gives His Predictions For Poirier Vs. Oliveira


UFC 269 is set to be a lot of fun.

Israel Adesanya is one of the best fighters in the UFC right now, and he certainly knows a thing or two about the sport. Whenever a big UFC event is on the horizon, Adesanya takes to his YouTube channel where he gives a breakdown of some of the fights. Of course, with UFC 269 going down on Saturday, Izzy decided to give his thoughts on the upcoming card, specifically the fight between Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier.

As Adesanya explains in the video below, Poirier is a true master of his craft and he should be the favorite heading into the match. However, Adesanya knows that Oliveira has done a great job at building up his image over the years, and that Poirier should not take his opponent lightly. As for predictions, Adesanya just knows that this is going to be a special matchup.

Israel adesanya

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“So, Oliveira is no joke is with the striking,” Oliveira said. “I feel like, of course he’s going to be improving, but I haven’t noticed this improvement as much as I’ve noticed Dustin’s (striking) improvements. He’s still a bit, flat-footed still plots forward sometimes and overthrows, but it works for him. Everyone’s style is different. This is art, so it works for him. I do like Oliveira. I like the story of his rags to riches story and I feel like it deserves to be in a position he’s in. But again, there’s Dustin… I look forward to a great show. It’s a great display of martial arts.”

Fans have been looking forward to this fight for a while, and on the whole, UFC 269 is promising to be a great show. Hopefully, all of the fighters are able to deliver.



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