Klay Thompson hasn’t played an NBA game since the 2019 Finals, and fans are ready for him to step back on the court again. After recovering from ACL and Achilles injuries, Thompson is almost back and the Warriors expect him to be in the lineup within the month. Having said that, the league is extremely excited to see Thompson out there again, especially when you consider just how talented he is at shooting the ball.

His return should scare opposing teams, especially when you consider just how good the Warriors are already. Even with that being the case, there are players around the league who are excited to see Thompson come back. One such individual is Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies, who briefly mentioned Thompson’s comeback on Twitter, yesterday.

Klay Thompson

Michael Urakami/Getty Images

While commenting on a video showcasing Klay’s recent progress, Morant threw up some prayer hand emojis while saying “the game needs him.” This is a sentiment that has been shared by many in the basketball world as Thompson truly is one of the most entertaining players to watch. He makes the Warriors extremely fun, and when reunited with Steph Curry, we are surely in for some fireworks.

It remains to be seen when Thompson will make his grand return to action, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates regarding that situation.