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Ja Rule’s Verzuz battle against Fat Joe earned him the flowers he rightfully deserved, as his succession of hits prompted fans to recall the dominance he showed at the height of his fame during the late ’90s and first half of the aughts.

However, those memories also prompted fans in the comment section of the official Verzuz Instagram Live feed to ponder what Rule’s bitter rival and mortal enemy, 50 Cent, thought about the matchup between Ja and Fif’s foe-turned-friend, Fat Joe.

Not taking kindly to the incessant mention of the G-Unit founder, Irv Gotti—Ja Rule’s former CEO and fellow rival of 50—went on the offensive, chiding fans for invoking his name and alluding to their violent beef, which Irv, Rule, and company maintain they won in the streets.

“All y’all talking that 50 sh*t. All good,” Gotti wrote in the comments section. “He got beat up stabbed up. Shot up. And sued us. That’s all I’m gonna say. Your hero ain’t what you think he is. Period. And Facts.”

According to a comment left by Swizz Beatz in the Verzuz Instagram Live comment section, 50 Cent opted out of participating in the celebratory event with Ja Rule.

Upon catching wind of the fact that he became a trending topic, Fif took to Instagram Wednesday morning (Sept. 15) to address the situation with a posted pic of himself, referencing his refusal to participate in the popular live performance platform. “Wtf am i trending for?” Fif asked. “I said i ain’t doing whatever that sh*t is they doing.”

He then took a direct shot at Rule, Gotti, and Murder Inc. in a subsequent post, boasting, “I put they whole label out of business, f**k with me if you want to. I would stay out of my way if i wasn’t me. LOL.”

Those jabs, as well as Gotti’s own remarks, riled up Rule, who responded to Fif’s posts publicly. He called into the Big Tigger Morning Show to speak his piece and argue that he was battling several other rappers in addition to Fif, as well as the Feds, during their bitter war.

“You know, the feds’ tactics. That’s what they do,” Ja told Big Tigger. “They treated us like a criminal mob organization. And when they do that, what they do is they suck all your resources. They shut you down financially. They take down your bank accounts, they take all your assets, they seize everything so that you can’t fight.

“So how you think I’m fighting a rap battle, I’m fighting a real fight! And then, on top of it all, come on man. I’m battling seventeen rappers. It ain’t like I was just battling [50 Cent]. He likes to throw his hat on it like he was the guy. Man, stop. Eminem made you, created you. You’re nothing without that f**king white boy. Stop it!”

With this latest development in Ja Rule and Irv Gotti’s feud with 50 Cent, it’s a reminder that their longstanding beef has proven to be as timeless as their respective hits and shows no signs of being settled by a Verzuz—or any other event, for that matter—anytime soon.

Hear Ja Rule’s commentary in the video below.


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