Ja Rule Warns Fat Joe Ahead Of “Verzuz”

Ja Rule Warns Fat Joe Ahead Of “Verzuz”

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Ja Rule says he’s going to “drag” Fat Joe across the stage during “Verzuz.”

The world really wanted to see 50 Cent and Ja Rule go head-to-head on Verzuz but unfortunately, because of Fiddy’s busy schedule and his non-receptivity to the platform, Ja will face off against Fat Joe next week.

The two hip-hop icons will be participating on Verzuz, performing live from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Fat Joe issued a warning to Ja Rule on Friday morning, telling the rapper that he plans to “drag” him through the streets of New York, but Ja is officially fighting back with a message of his own, telling Joey Crack that he better get to rehearsing.

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“Crack, my brother, so you gonna drag me through these streets, huh?” asked Ja. “I like that, it’s cool. I’m comfortable there. But I’mma drag you on that stage. See, you have to perform them records. Word for word. Bar for bar. I’m gonna make you sweat out that motherfuckin’ Versace, n***a. That Hermes, oh yeah, you gon’ sweat that out. September 14th, Verzuz. Get your tickets.”

It looks like the two have kicked off somewhat of a friendly rivalry as they get ready to face off. People are wondering who will come out on top and, perhaps most importantly, how many times Ashanti will appear during the Verzuz. Both artists have multiple hit records with the singer, so she’s almost guaranteed to make her presence at the show.

Who do you think will win?

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