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Jackboy Details His Appreciation For XXXTentaction and YNW Melly’s Artistry

Florida artist Jackboy made a great impression on listeners in 2020 with his prolific run that consisted of three full-length projects — including JackboyLiving In History, and Love Me While I’m Here — within the span of nine months. One year later, the Kodak Black-affiliated rapper is still working hard to achieve his goals as an artist and an entrepreneur, and during his recent appearance in the latest season of HNHH‘s On The Come Up, Jackboy discussed everything from his social media antics to his plans for building generational wealth.

At one point in his On The Come Up interview, the Haitian artist also offered praise to XXXTentacion and YNW Melly for bringing their unique artistry to Florida’s Hip-Hop scene. “People like Melly, people like X, they real different from regular Florida artists you see everyday,” Jackboy said. “People like X is the reason I want to switch up my flow. We got a whole other sound in Florida that motherfuckers not tapping into. Nah, let’s get this bag. X is really the one that influenced a lot of my new sound. You from where I’m from, and you sound like this? You know what—let me get comfortable in there too, and open up and try more new things.” 

Jackboy Details His Appreciation For XXXTentaction and YNW Melly's Artistry
Image provided by the artist & label – photo by Lestyn Park

After giving them their props, the Jackboy 2 artist went on to detail his personal relationships with the two controversial Florida rappers. When discussing his relationship with YNW Melly, Jackboy said, “Our relationship, it’s pretty much been through the phone because when he was on the streets, I was locked up and talked to him. Then he blew up, and [when] I came home, he was locked up. It was always through the phone, but I rock with him.”

Jackboy also confirmed that he has turned in a feature for one of YNW Melly’s songs, but unfortunately, Jackboy reveals that he never collaborated with XXXTentacion. According to the 1804 Records founder, XXXTentacion was one of the only people to offer Jackboy support while he was in jail, and but due to his drug use when he was released from prison, he always passed up the opportunity to get into the studio with the late 17 and ? artist. See what he had to say about his relationship with XXXTentacion below.

I rock with X heavy because every single time we talked — and I talked to him a couple times, a lot — he reached out to me. Throughout that whole time, he was already a superstar. He was already bigger than me, so for you to come back and just steady do that, I super respect it. I’m in jail. He’s hitting me up, “Aye, bro. What’s your inmate number so I can send you money?” Then he’s sending me the money. Stuff like that was like damn, what the hell? I met him, and then he was like, “Hey man, come to the studio.” He’s trying to force me to get in the studio, and I’m just like, “Nah, man, I’m on lean”— stupid!

I’m not understanding what it was because I was thinking we’re here forever. So I’m not understanding that this shit important. Even though we didn’t get the song, I still respect [him] super heavy like we got it, like we was in there. This man was hitting me up. He did not have to. I wasn’t really trying to be a rapper at that time, and he seen it, so he was trying to be like, “Aye man.” He would stay stuff, but I was like, “Nah!” At the time, the music wasn’t putting no money in my pocket, so it [didn’t feel] worth it, like “Whatever, I’ll do it later. I’ll get to it.” I always had that mentality, but really, it’s like we gotta be getting to it right now.

However, Jackboy does insist that if he were to do a posthumous collaboration with his late friend, he would ensure XXXTentacion’s son Gekyume would receive 100% of the profits from it.

“I ain’t get to the studio with him, but I sent him shit. And I think I could still get a X song, but I’m not really pressed for it,” Jackboy explained. “I fuck with him, and it’s deeper than that. I wouldn’t even want it certain ways. Say right now, if we had a song, if we were to record it— I would’ve tried to find a way for everything to go to his son or some sh*t, every dime. Then I would try to find a way to do it instead of just, “Aight, let me drop this, and juice up real fast!” Nah. I would have to finesse it another way so it could make sense. I respect [him].”

Read Jackboy’s full interview for On The Come Up here. 

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