Depending on who you ask, there’s a chance that Jadakiss would be among the rappers listed in a given top ten dead or alive. It’s no surprise really; for decades now, Kiss has continuously delivered elite lyricism across his studio discography, his LOX work, and his storied mixtape catalog.

These days, Kiss has set his sights on the new generation, using his position as a hip-hop legend to provide wisdom and mentorship. Evidently, one rapper that appears to have caught his attention is Cordae, who has been making a strong impression on rappers like Eminem,J. Cole, and many bar-focused emcees.


 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

So much so that Kiss recently seized an opportunity upon meeting Naomi Osaka, sharing a few words for the Tennis star and her rapper boyfriend at a recent event.

“You’re incredible, I love you,” says Kiss, as he passes by Osaka. “Tell Cordae he gotta get one with Kiss for my bucket list.” Osaka laughs, thanking the rapper as he leaves — though many have speculated that, judging entirely her demeanor and body language – that she really had no idea who Kiss even was. 

Given his noted status as a hip-hop head, expect Cordae to seize the opportunity and do his part to make the collaboration happen. After all, he’s still putting in work on his upcoming album From A Bird’s Eye View, and some Jadakiss vocals are always welcome. Keep an eye out for future developments on his front — would you like to see Cordae and Jada link up on wax?