Jake Paul Weighs In On Conor McGregor & Machine Gun Kelly Incident

Jake Paul Weighs In On Conor McGregor & Machine Gun Kelly Incident

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Jake Paul felt like the whole ordeal was pretty sad on McGregor’s part.

This past week, Conor McGregor made the news thanks to a fight he had with Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet of the VMAs. McGregor was there to help give an award to Justin Bieber, although before he could even get in the building, things turned sour as he tried to get a picture with the rapper turned pop-punk star. As the story goes, MGK denied the photo which sent McGregor into a fit of rage. He tried to go after MGK and Megan Fox, but his efforts were thwarted.

For the first few days following the incident, it was all MMA fans could talk about it was apparent that McGregor’s fall from grace is alive and well. During a recent interview with ESPN, Paul spoke about the incident in question and noted that it is a terrible look on McGregor’s side of things.`

Conor McGregor

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“Some people are saying that Conor McGregor mistook him for me because we look the same, like blonde hair, little bit tall,” Paul said. “That was like the rumor that happened, I think it’s hilarious. Conor McGregor is a real fighter, why is he on a celebrity red carpet throwing drinks at Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? It’s just disrespectful. But Kells handled himself like a professional, he didn’t get hot, he didn’t retaliate because I think he knows that Conor just looked like an idiot. This guy is falling apart and trying to find any reason to get attention.”

Paul has been trying to get a fight against McGregor although, with everything that has happened recently, that prospect is pretty well out the window. McGregor is simply not up to snuff in the boxing world, while Paul needs to set his sights on a real boxer in order to be taken seriously.


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