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James Harden Gives His Thoughts On Kyrie Irving Situation


The Brooklyn Nets could be without Kyrie for upwards of 45 games.

Kyrie Irving is currently in a predicament right now and he needs to make a decision fast, otherwise, his season will be put in jeopardy. The Brooklyn Nets superstar is refusing to get the vaccine, and due to protocols in Brooklyn, his vaccination status would mean he isn’t allowed to attend home games for the Nets. Based on protocols in other cities, he is on track to miss 45 games this year, and it would ultimately force him to lose out on millions of dollars.

Despite his teammates’ best efforts to convince him to get vaccinated, Kyrie continues to refuse, which means things are getting gnarly as the team gears up for the first week of the NBA season. In fact, according to Alex Schiffer, his teammates are taking a wait-and-see approach at this point.

Kyrie Irving

Al Bello/Getty Images

James Harden recently came out and said that he hasn’t spoken to Kyrie about the vaccine, although he does support his personal choice. As for Kyrie’s potential absence, Harden admits that the team is going to need to figure it out. Steve Nash recently had some similar sentiments on the situation, although he seemed to be a lot more indifferent on the topic.

For now, it remains clear that Kyrie isn’t going to be convinced so easily, which spells bad news for the Nets’ chances. Stay tuned to HNHH, as we will be sure to provide updates on this situation.


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