The theories and speculation regarding how such a tragedy could occur on a film set have haunted Alec Baldwin in recent days. Hollywood has been up in arms over the death of Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography who was shot dead with a prop gun on the set of Rust, a film that boasts Baldwin as a producer. Director Joel Souza was also injured in the incident but was treated at a hospital and released.

In the days that have followed, Baldwin has reportedly been distraught about the event with there even being rumors that he may walk away from his career altogether. People like Candace Owens and Donald Trump Jr. have viciously called Baldwin a “killer” as they target him over his opposition to former president Trump.

Halyna Hutchins
Myung J. Chun / Contributor / Getty Images

As investigators attempt to figure out who exactly is to blame, there is a general consensus that Baldwin will not be prosecuted as he did not know there was a live round in the prop gun. This incident has caused many to come forward with theories, and Janet Hubert has one of her own. According to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air icon, a Trump supporter may be responsible.

“Am I crazy, but my first thought was Baldwin was given this gun on purpose from someone to get back at him for his Trump impersonations?” Hubert tweeted. “I have never seen prop guns sitting out on set EVER. Then to photograph his pain and give it to the press! Hmmmm, so very heartless, TRUMPERS?”

Hubert and her theory have picked up steam after her tweet went viral. Check it out below.